Why EVERYONE Should Learn To Code Their Information Into $5,000, $50,000 and $100,000 Products.

In the traditional guru model that teaches you how to stair-step your prospective clients through increasingly higher priced programs and services, what is not revealed is how to create your competitive advantage, invert your business funnel and simultaneously create your front end and back end information products simultaneously.

Sure, it’s nerve-racking to play big. Sure, it’s a huge step to learn how to sell your advice and information for money…but as you will see, it’s even riskier to follow the typical guru model that is outdated and doesn’t reveal the precipitous downside of it: refund rates of 50-60%, how ‘flat lining’ instantly kills your business momentum, how to stand out when 30% of the Internet is new everyday…You’ll never experience these problems—and be even more confident as you play big!

Not only is selling information a lot of fun if you follow a correct model, it also allows you to make serious cash flow no matter what the market conditions are like. This means that you will realize the tremendous up-side of knowing how to sell your information as opposed to those who don’t know how to evaluate their worth!

This is why the hundreds of my clients keep this high velocity information coding strategy as their stealth weapon in their accelerated cash flow arsenal!

So whether you’re thinking about creating and selling information as your primary business method (or just to supplement your current entrepreneurial strategies), you’ll want to check out Glenn’s mentoring services so you can learn to separate your information product creation and selling strategies from losing strategies that follow the typical guru model.

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